Lots of people want to be thin because models are thin. It’s usually through unhealthy measures and unrealistic expectations (photoshop, very young girls who haven’t fully grown/hit puberty, and the thin women you see in the media effect 5% of the population)

No matter what the people who run the media will try their hardest make something unrealistic for you to strive for to make you insecure for their profit.

Like these for example

Yes, because there’s SO MUCH in the media that ‘encourages’ anyone to be fat these days. Except for nothing, ever. Having plus size models doesn’t ‘encourage’ people to be plus size. Having disabled models doesn’t ‘encourage’ anyone to be disabled. Having trans* models doesn’t ‘encourage’ anyone to be trans*. It’s a simple representation of ALL bodies that deserve to be showcased in a positive light. ALL bodies are good bodies, ALL bodies exist and are ‘real’, and ALL of us deserve to see bodies that look like ours in media.